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Voldex acquires, operates, and grows games on UGC platforms such as Roblox. It takes a lot of hard work to create a successful game on Roblox. We make it easy to move on to your next phase, knowing your game is in good hands!

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Our offers to acquire games typically range between $500,000 and $10 million+ USD. Our offers are majority cash upfront and include a revenue share post-sale so you see upside. We allow you to move on stress-free and hand over your game to our experienced teams within weeks, allowing you to continue to the next stage of your life.

How selling works?

  • Reach out!


    If you would like a no-commitment offer to acquire your game, reach out to us!

  • We learn your game!


    We will work with you to learn your game in depth to make you the strongest offer possible. We look further than historic revenue to evaluate your game’s potential long term. Once we receive your game’s stats, we can make you an offer very quickly, and likely close an acquisition within two weeks.

  • Watch your Game Grow!


    We structure all our deals to make sure that creators rise with the growth of their game with a percentage of the revenue after the sale.

Why sell your game?



Since bringing ZOぞ SAMURAI into the Voldex library, through a consistent content strategy, balanced monetization improvements, data analysis, creative features, and strong teamwork, our team has massively grown the game.

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Since acquisition, we’ve seen over 400% increase in revenue.

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Our Daily Active Users have grown by over 300%!



Increase in overall like rating!

Ready to get an offer?

Make a referral and get rewarded.

If you know somebody who may be interested in selling their game, we will pay a finder’s fee for every referral that leads to an acquisition.

How selling works?